Poem 'My Dad' by Steve Turner

My Dad, by Steve Turner 
My dad’s bigger than your dad.
My dad’s as tall as the moon,
  as strong as the wind,
  as wide as the sky.
  You should see my dad! 
He’s got stars in his fists. 
He bends rainbows on his knee. 
When he breathes, clouds move. 
He’s good is my dad. 
You can’t scare him with the dark. 
You can’t scare him with guns or sticks. 
He makes bullies say sorry  just by staring. 
Big green monsters fall asleep on his lap. 
Ghosts start haunting each other. 
My dad’s been everywhere  but he says he likes the world. 
Earth people are fun, he says. 
My dad knows more than teacher. 
He knows everything. 
He knows what you’re thinking, 
even when you try to trick him  by thinking something else. 
If you tell a lie 
my dad says he can tell  by the look on your face. 
My dad’s the best dad ever. 
I say I love him  a million times a million  times a million times a million trillion. 
My dad says he loves me  a billion trillion times more than that 
My dad likes to love. 
My dad made the world.

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