Messy Jubilee Report

MESSY JUBILEE  At Messy Church on Tuesday we explored Jubilee as commanded in the Old Testament. God wanted his people and the land to rest for one year every 50 years. Jubilee means “Rams Horn”  in Hebrew, the language of the Israelite people, and the Jubilee year began with the blowing of the Ram’s horn which announced ‘Shalom’ to all people.
When you say Shalom to someone you are blessing them with well being, completeness, wholeness and peace in every part of their physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual life. Des taught us an action prayer to park Shalom over ourselves and then over each other.
We looked at the length of our Queen’s life and rule. She has seen so many changes and been through both good and difficult times. Her life story would be of both joys and sadness. All through she has loved and trusted God and would wish Shalom on all of us, her people.
We did activities around the life stories of trees and stones and decorated them with ‘Shalom’. We made mini-beacons and decorated crown biscuits, before having pizza for tea.
It was a really happy and encouraging afternoon which 10 families attended.
Liz Townsend

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