Christmas Day

St Mark's altar ChristmasHappy Christmas! Can you really have a happy Christmas in what is starting to look a lot like lockdown?  For those who are stuck at home alone can I urge you to remember that Jesus was also known as Emmanuel, God with us. Feel free to ring someone up and wish them a Happy Christms and have a good old chat while you are at it. I have a couple of people who ring me up and ask how I am - I really appreciate it - especially as they are members of the flock that I am supposed to be looking after. This always reminds me that we are together in this - it is not all on one of us. It was said of the early Christians, 'look how the love each other' - If someone comes to mind, take it as a prompt from God to give them a call!
Sadly we are going to have some of our Christmas services on zoom again and some will be postponed, as the Covid numbers are soaring in our area. I know this will be disappointing for many but we need to be sensible and limit our social contact in person - but let's use technology as best we can! Rev Des

This year our Christmas service will be at 11 am on Zoom.  You can request the Zoom link here.

Unfortunately we have also had to take the decision to cancel the lunch which would have been after the service.  Instead there will be a "meals on wheels" service for those who would have attended.