Messy Church

NEXT MESSY CHURCH - Tuesday March 3rd 2020 at 3.30 pm

MESSY CHURCH is a way for families who might want to meet Jesus, belong to their local church and bring up their children as Christians but do not choose to attend a Sunday morning church service.  It is a family time of creativity, fun and faith where we explore together a bible theme through crafts, games, prayer and a short service and then we eat tea! St Mark's Messy Church is led by Liz Townsend.

This school year along with our Sunday congregation, we are looking at ‘Holy Habits’ based on the book by Andrew Roberts. In October we looked at the first holy habit – Biblical Teaching – or Bibletown.  The activities were based around  R(ead) E(xplore) A(bsorb) D(o). In February we visited Table-under-Lyme using the story of Levi, the tax collector (Mark 2:13-17). Our activities included making tablemats and special menus,fruit smoothies timed table-laying and carrot peeling!  We were challenged to invite someone to our pancake event who perhaps we wouldn't normally invite.

Each month we produce a Messy Church newsletter You can find these in the Resources section of the website.

As Messy Church is church that only meets once a month we are trying to encourage and nurture faith at home. The families have made prayer boxes and each month we provide something to add to their prayer box to help  encourage them to talk, pray or have a faith exploring activity together.  

Messy MarkThis is Messy Mark.  He comes to every Messy Church.  Each month he goes home with a different family. MessyDes, Liz and Messy Mark Mark is part of this new faith adventure and the family he goes home with gets a copy of Mark’s gospel to keep and they can read it and ask any questions about it in the diary provided.  In his shoulder bag he carries the diary but also leaflets so he can give out information about Messy Church to any who ask.

Messy Church is part of The Bible Reading Fellowship (BRF), a Registered Charity.