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We are always delighted to welcome newcomers to St. Mark's and we hope you will feel at home. We have a range of church services and midweek activities to which all are welcome regardless of colour, creed, class or sexuality. Our church 'family' includes people of all ages and backgrounds, with a variety of Christian experience and understanding. We are in the mainstream of Christian thought and practice, believing that the Bible is the basis for our faith and living, but also explaining and developing this faith in light of the modern world in which we live. We invite you to share in the life of our church and our vision for the future.


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The United Church of St. Mark, Great Tattenhams, Epsom Downs, Surrey. KT18 5RD

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Who are we?

St Mark's is a united congregation of Anglicans and Methodists, worshipping and serving God together in our neighbourhood. We try to be a welcoming Christian community, seeking also to share God's love with all. We believe in fuzzy edges, so if you consider yourself part of St Mark's then you are! As part of that aim, we help run regular community lunches, cinema and choir and various childrens’ groups.


Mission Statement
To show our love for God by loving others unconditionally regardless of who they are. We understand God to be revealed as Father of all, Spirit of life itself and as Jesus, the expression of what God might look like in human form.