A Christening/Baptism is a wonderful way to celebrate the arrival of your new baby.  This special service is a way of saying thank you to God for the gift of your child and affirming your desire for your child to grow up as a member of the Christian faith.
We would be delighted to arrange the christening/baptism of your child so please contact either our vicar Des or our Children's and Families Worker Liz. 

Baptisms can take place within a church service or at a more private ceremony when the family will then be invited to return to our all age service to be presented with their Baptism Candle and the baptised children be welcomed into the church family.  
As Baptism is such a special moment in the child’s life the parents are supported in this by Godparents.  It is important to choose people who you feel will be good role models for your child. For this reason those asked to be Godparents should themselves have been baptised.
Whilst many are baptised as babies, Baptism can take place at any age.  Older children, young people and adults who wish to be baptised should contact Des.
Those who have been baptised can continue their Christian journey by being confirmed. Confirmation is a public affirmation of the faith journey begun at baptism.  Special preparation courses are available.