Today, let’s look at the colour yellow. I find this such a happy colour. Maybe because yellow reminds me of sunshine and sunshine always makes me feel happy! When we paint or colour the sun we nearly always use yellow although really, you can’t actually look at the sun can you? It would hurt your eyes. But the whole world seems to be bathed in yellow when the sun shines…well that’s how it feels to me!

I looked around my home and found quite a lot of yellow. In the fruit bowl I found lemons and bananas - both grow in hot countries where the sun shines nearly all the time.
Pineapples, mango and melons grow in warm places too and they are either yellow on the outside or when you cut them open, the yellow is on the inside. They all taste delicious, with the sweetness of the sunshine.

These are the cushions on my bed. They are not only yellow but feel soft and velvety, just like the lovely feel of the warm sun on my skin.
I wonder what you have at home that is yellow?
Maybe you wear yellow?
Maybe you have yellow toys, bricks, paints, crayons or dolls with yellow hair?
I wonder whether you like yellow things to eat? Custard? Bananas? Sweetcorn?
I wonder if you find the colour yellow a happy colour as I do?

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