June 9th - Life can be a storm

St Mark's - Rainbow flagToday's thought for the day is inspired by Sue (and her line manager).
The attached picture is St Mark's Church with our Rainbow flag to say thanks to NHS and key-workers.
Sue sent me this sentence
"Sometimes the greatest storms bring out the greatest beauty .....
Life can be a storm but our hope is in a rainbow and your friends and family are the Gold at the end."

When I did some informal research into when did people experience God, two unsurprising answers emerged from the majority of those I interviewed. The first was nature; when I'm out walking, when I see a sunset etc. The second was family; when I am with my family and suddenly think what a privilege to be part of this family.

The thought from Sue in a way captures both of these - the rainbow; a wonderful part of nature understood in the Bible as a sign of hope and promise of God's care and family; a unit God has placed us into that reminds of of God's parenthood.