June 15th - Lament

I have noticed in my prayer life that I need a good rant at God every now and then. It is similar to when the atmospheric pressure builds and it becomes almost oppressive. Then the lightening cracks and the thunder rumbles and shortly afterwards the air is cleared; there is a freshness and a lightness; the balance is restored. Liz spoke about lament on Sunday at Church. Lament is when the frustration of life, the unfairness, the 'wrongness' just gets too much and we groan, moan, explode, erupt to God - why!? What are you doing!? With Covid and lockdown and Government advice changing and rule breaking and protest and statues falling or being saluted Nazi style, maybe you need a thunderstorm before God a good old LAMENT to clear the pressure. I recommend Liz's talk - the link is below.


Sunday Service on 14th June - Thoughts from Liz on the coronavirus pandemic https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cl2O_GqW3UI