July 25th -

Heather and I went hill walking yesterday and were thoroughly windswept by the end of our walk up to Devil's Dyke. We had been listening to a book in the car and the author spoke of the 'windy Spirit' blowing wherever it wants. I was thinking of 'spiritual wind' as an alternative to 'windy Spirit'. Some say there is a new spiritual awareness in the country as new people are attending online church.

I used to be of the opinion that the Church just got in people's way of finding God - I changed my opinion several years ago and ended up getting ordained as a result. During this time of 'virtual church' and some of the theological discussions I do wonder what God makes of some of the declarations from church hierarchy about what is and isn't allowed!

What new ideas has the 'windy Spirit' been blowing into your windswept mind during this 'spiritual wind'?