July 21st - Thought for the day

I thought I'd share a bit of theology with you today! - Go on, I dare you to read this rather than delete it!!

There has been various discussions about Communion/Mass/Eucharist due to churches holding services by zoom. The problem is that people think the priest has to be present during Communion and therefore people eating the bread and wine at home are not actually having Communion. Some churches 'solve' this by the priest eating his/her bread on behalf of the congregation while they watch. I am rather taken by the the words of Jesus 'whenever you eat this bread and drink this wine, do it in memory of me'.

Who is the you? I presume it to be the church or Jesus' followers because that is who it is directed at in Paul's letter and in the Gospels. I can't help but wonder, if we are invited to 'The Lord's Supper' (another name for Communion) then surely Jesus is the priest (or president as is also used) and he is not limited geographically i.e. He is in every home not just hanging on the shoulders of ordained person.

What do you think?