July 14 - Giving

Cream tea give awayMy phone rang many times yesterday! Not unusual for a vicarage phone but this was more than usual and most of the calls were ones of thanks, no profuse thanks for the cream teas that St Mark's and Merland Rise churches delivered to about 200 people in the community on Saturday. It is amazing how such a small gift has had such a marked impact. Why not spread a little happiness yourself by calling someone or dropping them a card. I got a card in the post today to say thanks for the cream tea and I was so touched I want to thank them for thanking us - this could lead to a long series of thank yous!

Earlier in the year I sent a letter requesting financial help as St Mark's is losing a lot of income because we can't hire out the hall.

Some people requested details for our giving page but we didn't have one. Now we do - if you would like to make any donations to help us out then click this link.