Three Blind Mice

Three blind mice. Three blind mice.
See how they run. See how they run.
They all ran after the farmer's wife,
Who cut off their tails with a carving knife,
Did you ever see such a sight in your life,
As three blind mice?

I wonder where those mice get their glasses from?
Do you think that the pet shop sells them?
Why do you think that they ran after the Farmers wife?
If they couldn’t see, how did they know who she was and where she was?
She wasn’t very happy with them was she?
What do you think she did with their tails? Do you think she made Mice Tail soup?
If she made the soup what else might she put in?

Mice tail soup: If you were making this soup what would you put in?
Draw what you might add to this soup as well as the mice tails.   Picture to colour

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