The Brain

And finally….

When we are really well, we move using muscles, and our skeleton holds us all together and standing. We breathe in and out of through our lungs and the heart pumps blood with it’s oxygen all around our body. We eat and drink, getting all the goodness we need from food and water, and then getting rid of what we don’t need when we go to the toilet.

We can see, smell, hear, touch and taste. Our body is an amazing creation isn’t it? But none of this would happen without the body’s control room: the brain.  Your brain is a very powerful organ in your head, sitting safely in it’s boney box, the skull. Your brain controls EVERYTHING your body does. But it is not like the colourful picture below….it is a sludgy grey colour.

Running down from the bottom of your brain is the spinal cord, a thick bundle of nerves that travel all the way down the middle of your back. The spinal cord carries all the signals to and fro, backwards and forwards from the brain to every cell in your body. The spinal cord sits inside your spinal column, sometimes just called your spine or back bone. If you run your finger down your back you can feel your spine.
The brain is made up of millions of special cells called neurons, and incredibly, we are all born with billions of these cells! You will always have enough!

All the different parts of the brain have different jobs to do. For example, one part may help with hearing, another seeing, while another moving. The brain is involved with all our thinking and our personality.

We have come to the end of this series of looking at our body. Of course, the body is much more complicated and clever than I have begun to describe and you will learn so much more about how extraordinary it is at school from teachers who will know more than me!

During the last few months we have been going through a difficult time in our country…in fact the whole world has. This is because some of us have been sick with a horrible bug that has made our bodies have to work really hard to get well, and stay well. Some people have been so sick with this bug that even the skilled doctors and nurses, who have worked very hard, have not been able to make them better. We have all been very sad about this. It has been very hard for grown ups not to worry about keeping you safe and well.

Thinking back at the body parts we looked at….
I wonder which part of the body you liked the best?
I wonder which part of the body was the biggest surprise to you?
I wonder if any parts of the body have made you laugh?
Keep well, and remember to look after your wonderful is with you for all your life!

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