Story 9 - The Resurrection

After Jesus died, and then rose from death - called RESURRECTION, he appeared to his disciples a few times.

On one occasion the disciples (except Thomas) were together but had locked their doors. They were afraid of their Jewish leaders who had been instrumental in Jesus’s death.  Jesus just appeared in the room and said, “Peace be with you!”

The disciples told Thomas they had seen and heard Jesus but he found this too hard to believe. He said, “Unless I see his hands and feet and touch the scars for myself. I will not believe.”

Over the years people have been quite hard on Thomas. Why couldn’t he just believe that Jesus could now walk though locked doors? Was it such an extraordinary thing to believe? Well yes, it probably was.

When Thomas did finally meet Jesus, see and touch him, he was the first disciple, that we hear about, who addresses Jesus as, “My Lord and my God!”

Jesus said that those who believe without seeing are more blessed! So I guess that means us. We believe and follow Jesus and yet we have not literally seen him have we?

Do you find it hard to believe?   Sometimes I do but most of the time I don’t find it too hard. I think that's because I am a lot older than you and have spent all of my life, since aged 7, being a disciple. I had some lovely friends who were disciples too and still do. We talk together about Jesus, learn together about him and if we have a question about Jesus we can talk to each about it. We read the Bible and books that help us explain the Bible, and that is helpful too.

Mostly I think my faith, my belief in Jesus is because I always talk to him…in really happy times and really bad times and I never lie to him about how I feel. If I am happy I say so…thanking him for what makes me happy. Maybe a meal, maybe a lovely comfy bed, or a walk through the woods. If I am really sad, or angry I tell him that too. I have even sobbed talking to Jesus! I am sure that is why I can join Thomas in saying, “My Lord and my God”

There are no easy answers, or shortcuts to believing. It is like any friendship. The more you know about a person, the more you love them and trust them or not! The more I know Jesus the more I love and trust him.

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