Story 8 - Road to Emmaus

Two friends were walking on the road to Emmaus. Something terrible had happened three days before. Jesus had been hung on a cross and crucified. They were sad and upset about this. While they were talking about what had happened Jesus himself drew near, and went with them. They didn’t know that it was Jesus. They thought it was just someone walking along the road. Jesus asked why they were so sad.

One of the two men, Cleopas, explained that they were sure Jesus was God’s chosen person to save the children of Israel, to rid them of the Romans ruling them in their own country. Cleopas told about Jesus being crucified and how some women had been to the tomb that morning but his body wasn’t there. The women had seen angels that said Jesus was alive!

Then Jesus began to explain that all through the writings of Moses and the prophets that these things were written about Him before they ever happened. As they listened their hearts were happy to hear the good news that Jesus suffered to save His people. The very author of the Bible was explaining the scriptures to them and it made them glad. But remember that they didn’t realise it was Jesus yet. They wanted to spend more time with this stranger but he acted as if he had to continue his journey.

They pleaded with him to stay for supper. As he sat down to eat he took bread, and blessed it, broke it, and gave to them. And their eyes were opened, and they knew him; and he vanished out of their sight. This was Easter and the risen Lord Jesus disappeared right in front of them!


  •      Where were the two disciples walking to?
  •      What were they talking about?
  •      Who came and walked with them?
  •      What did Jesus explain to them?
  •      How did they find out it was Jesus?
  •      I wonder, is it easy for us to see Jesus?
  •      I wonder, can we see Jesus at work in our lives?
We are now in week 4 of ‘lockdown’ because of this nasty virus. I have been asking Jesus to work in my life to make me a bit kinder, and not to feel sorry for myself because life is different at the moment. Some people are having a horrible time but I am well and safe, at home with my daughter and grandson…so moaning is NOT an option! But it is difficult isn’t it? So I talk to Jesus about this every morning before I start another strange day and pray for all of you, and all my other friends and family.

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