Story 20 - Solomon

When King David became very old, he couldn’t even keep warm when his servants piled blankets on him! As he lay dying, he called Solomon his son to him and charged him to follow the ways of God.
After David died, Solomon became King of Israel.

One night, God appeared to Solomon in a dream and said, “Ask for whatever you want me to give you.” Solomon replied, “I am only young and do not know how to be king of so man
people. I ask that you will give me wisdom so that I know how to rule them and how to tell what is right from what is wrong.”

God was pleased with Solomon’s answer and said to him, “Because you did not ask to live a long life, or be really rich, or have me destroy all your enemies, I will give you what you have asked, a wise heart. But I will also give you what you have not asked for, wealth and honour. You will be the best king around. And, if you continue to trust and obey me like your father David did, you will have a long life.”
It wasn’t long before King Solomon’s wisdom was put to the test. One day, two women came to see him, one holding a baby. They both looked very unhappy.
“That woman stole my baby”, cried one. “Her baby died in the night and, while I slept, she came in and took my baby from his cot. She put her dead son in my son’s place”.
“No you’re lying”, shouted the other woman, “this is my son!”
They continued to cry and argue before King Solomon. King Solomon looked at the women and he looked at the baby. He called to his
servants, “Bring me a sword” and so they did.
“Now cut the baby in half and each mother can have an equal piece!”
The woman who was the baby’s real mother was distraught; she loved her baby son so much. “No please, give her the living baby. Please don’t kill him!”But the other said, “Do what the King says!”Then King Solomon said, “Now we see who the real mother is. She would rather give him to another than have him killed. Give the baby to her, his real mother.”When all King Solomon’s people heard this they saw that he had God’s wisdom to rule wisely.


Now:If God told you that he would give you anything, I wonder what you would ask for?
I wonder if you would ask for something that would change the world, or the life of your family or your school, or yourself?
I wonder, would you ask for the same thing you imagine getting if you won the lottery roll-over?
I wonder if Solomon would really have cut that baby in half, or do you think he knew that the real mum wouldn’t allow it?
I wonder what happened to that baby?
I wonder what happened to the two mums?

More of King Solomon next time.

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