Story 2 - Exodus Moses

Exodus is the second book of the Bible and ends with the Israelites in Egypt where, over the years they grew and grew in numbers. A new Pharaoh, (king) felt threatened by this and made the people into slaves, treating them harshly and cruelly. This went on for about 400 years!!!

MosesThen we have the wonderful story of Moses. The Pharaoh had ordered that baby boys born to the Israelites be killed as they were born. Many survived and one baby was taken by his mum when he was 3 months old, put in a basket and hidden in the bullrushes of the River Nile! His sister Miriam kept guard. Pharaoh’s daughter came to swim and she saw him and rescued him and Moses grew up as her son in the palace…you couldn’t make this up really… could you?

A lot later on in his life God calls Moses (out of a burning bush!!) to rescue his real people, the Israelites and take them out of Egypt. God tells him to go to the Pharaoh and say, “Let my people go” and understandably Moses is scared and offers lots of excuses not to do this brave thing. But he does go and the answer is “NO!”……

Then there are lots of plagues thrown at the Egyptians…Blood, frogs, gnats, flies, death of livestock, boils, hail, locusts and darkness……and finally the eldest son in the families of the Egyptian dies suddenly overnight. This is so horrific that the Pharaoh says “ Go” and the Israelites run away. Led by Moses they cross the Red Sea…..Moses holds his rod over it and the waters roll back. By now Pharaoh changes his mind and sends his army in their magnificent chariots to get the Israelites back. As they cross the river bed to catch up with the escaping people, Moses holds his rod back over the water again and the water rolls back over the chariots and soldiers…..and they drown!!!

The Israelites were safe for now, on the other side and Miriam, took her tambourine and led the people in a dance and song of joy to thank God.

So this is the beginning of the book of Exodus. We will look at more next time and nearer Easter we will return to an important bit of this story - the night of the last plague and why this has always been significant and still is, for us, today.

I wonder:

  • It sounds like so many people had to die doesn’t it? Does this seem fair?
  • Did the plagues really happen?
  • I wonder could you be brave like Moses and do something slightly scary. Last night (Thursday) we were encouraged to go outside and clap for all the carers in the UK. I was a little bit scared. What if no-one else did? I would feel a complete idiot. But we boldly opened our door to discover loads of people up our street were clapping and it was wonderful! I would have missed it if I had stayed in and given into my fears.

Activity:  I discovered loads of Lego Brick stories of Moses on You tube - they are all quite short but really good. Have a look.

Prayer :   Dear Father God,It has felt a bit scary lately. All this talk of a virus and getting sick and staying in so much. Help us to be brave like Moses and know that you are always with us. Amen

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