Story 10 - Breakfast by Lake Galilee

Breakfast by Lake Galilee
After His resurrection Jesus appeared to his disciples a few times.
His disciples left Jerusalem and went back to Galilee. One evening Peter said to the others, “I’m going fishing.” This was his trade - he was a fisherman as some of the other disciples were. So they went too.

They fished all night as they had done many, many times before But this night they caught nothing!

At dawn, tired and dispirited they sailed back to the shore. A voice called out, “Have you caught fish?” “Nothing at all” they replied. “Well throw your nets over the other side and you will catch some,” said the voice. So they did and they caught so many fish it was too hard to haul the net in.  John then realised who was speaking to them. “It’s Jesus.” he said. Peter threw himself into the water to go to meet Jesus, leaving the others to tow the nets in.

Jesus was by a fire of burning coals and they could smell the fish he was already cooking,. There was bread too. “Bring some of the fish you have just caught and come and have breakfast.” So they did.  

I have always loved this story. In my imagination I see the disciples tired and fed up after a night failing to catch fish. Life just kept throwing them disappointments…what was happening…what was going to happen? They couldn’t even catch fish…and this was their job, it was who they were, fisherman.

Then the comfort of a fire on the shore and the smell of breakfast, and better still, their dearest best friend. Jesus - there to feed their bodies and to encourage their spirits.

I wonder if there is anyone in your home who you are spending so much time with now, who need cheering up, encouraging? Maybe your mum, your dad, brothers or sisters?

Maybe you have spoken to your grandparents or other family and friends on mobile, Zoom, FaceTime etc. and they are fed up?   Maybe you are fed up?

It is okay to feel this way. This is not a normal way of life for us is it? Last night I was watching television and a girl was feeling so cross she didn’t know what to do. So she found several soft balls and soft toys and hurled them at a wall….she kept doing it and shouting at the same time and ended up laughing.

Maybe your mum and dad would tell you what wall you could use and what you could throw…try it. They may want to join in too!

Do remember this is a normal way to feel - and Jesus gets it! That’s why he fed and hugged his friends that day because he knew that’s what they needed. Maybe someone at home needs a hug more than you do?!

if you are allowed to you could make a drink or get your parents something to eat….a way of comforting and encouraging them.


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