Little Jack Horner

Little Jack Corner
Sat in a corner
Eating his Christmas pie
He put in his thumb
And pulled out a plum
And said what a good boy am, am I

This is another very old nursery rhyme written before Little Miss Muffett, and that was over 200 years old!!!

I wonder why Jack was sitting in a corner?
I wonder if he had been making too much noise at the Christmas Dinner table and the adults had sent him to that corner to have his pie?
I wonder if any of you have had a plum pie before?
I wonder if it was a hot pie and that is why Jack looks so surprised?

Poor Jack, all alone in the corner!
I wonder why Jack thinks he is a good boy? What do you think?

Here is the same picture which you could colour in if someone can print it off for you. You could use the same or different colours. You could colour just some bits of it.  I think that teddy wants some pie too, do you?

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