Green is today’s colour. If you just look out the window or go into your garden you cannot miss this colour. You may be able to see trees and grass when you look and, even if you don’t have much of a garden, you may have been to a park or the woods and been surrounded by green. I have been walking in our local woods and in early spring there was a lot of brown as the leaves were only in buds on the trees. We had a lot of rain during the winter and there was lots of mud! But I have watched over the weeks as the leaves have come out and everything has begun to grow and the woods are full of green, all different shades.

Muddy, just a bit of green.
Now lots and lots of green!

It is really nice to walk under the shade of the trees when it is sunny and hot.

I wonder if you have anything in your house that is green? Looking round my house I can see a lime green blanket tossed over a chair and my kettle is a similar colour too! I have some green paint, felt pens and crayons, and a green pear in the fruit bowl. When I open my fridge I see some green celery, broccoli, beans and lettuce. Yummy!

This is a picture painted by lots of family and friends at a birthday party I had. Can you spot the different shades of green on it?

This is Sarah’s duck lying on my green patterned bedspread. Duck has a green head. I saw a duck on the pond with a green head a bit like this.



I wonder what green things you have found at home?

I wonder if you have any green toys?

I wonder if any of the clothes you wear are green?

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