Last time we thought about our senses: Sight, smell, taste, hearing, and touch. This time let’s look a bit more at our amazing body…let’s go inside!!
We can’t see inside our body unless we have special pictures taken at the hospital. Maybe you have broken your arm or leg and you had to have an X-Ray.
This is an X-Ray of someone’s hands. Can you count the fingers?
Look at all those little bones around the wrist. There are quite a few aren’t there?

How many can you count? Take one hand and try to feel all those bones in the other hand.

We have over 200 hundred bones in our body! If we didn’t have bones I wonder what we would look like? A big blob that couldn’t move around! All our bones make up the skeleton that gives all our other bits something to hang on to!  A framework. Then there are the muscles which are stretchy and pull our bones to make us move. Muscles work in opposite pairs. One pulls while the other rests and enjoys being pulled. It’s a bit like being on a see saw!

To help our bones grow strong its good to eat foods that have lots of CALCIUM and VITAMIN D. This includes milk, cheese, butter, yoghurt, tuna and sardines. It is good to run around a lot outside, especially when the sun is shining because this help make our bones strong too.

Our bodies are so clever that, if we break a bone, the body starts to mend it straight away. We need to go to the hospital so that the doctor can check which bit is broken, by taking an X-Ray. The doctor or nurse will then use something to hold the broken bits together in the right position so that the body heals it back to how it was before. They may use a rigid plaster cast.   I think you can choose the colour.   Sometimes people write messages on the plaster cast, or draw pictures, especially if the plaster cast is white.
Children heal so well and so quickly that often the cast doesn’t have to be on too long.  
I wonder if you have ever broken a bone and had to have it plastered?
What did it feel like?
Was it hot?
Did it tickle and get itchy?

When I was young I broke my wrist playing netball! It was just before Christmas and I couldn’t play my Euphonium in the school Christmas concert. I was so sad!!!  But I liked the fuss people made of me!

Our body is amazing? God was so clever to make our wonderful bodies.

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