Colour wheelI thought we might look at colours for a week or two. Can you imagine living with no colour, or where everything is just one colour or everything black or white? Look around you now. Whether you are inside or outside, stand up and turn slowly round and look carefully as you turn. What colours do you see? If you could make a list, I wonder how many colours you would write down on that list?

Today I thought we would look at the colour blue.
As you can see, there is more than just one shade of the colour blue. You can see more shades of blue on this colour wheel.  

We say the sky and sea are blue, but if you really look at the sky and at the sea, there are all sorts of shades of blue AND grey, green, white and other colours depending on if the sun is shining, and what time of day it is.
I wonder what blue things you can find if you look around the room you are in?
I can see a light blue pencil sharpener, a blue pen lid, a blue cereal bowl ( I had my breakfast from!) and a blue tray. I would find more blue things in other rooms of my home.


Blue carI wonder if you have any blue toys?
A blue car?
Blue bricks?
Blue teddy?
Blur crayons or paints?
So today, enjoy the colour blue!
If we were meeting together at Messy Munchkins at church, after we sang our nursery rhymes and before we had our milk and toast, I would light our candle and we would say, “Thank you God for the colour blue, and for our milk and toast, Amen.”

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