5 Senses

We have 5 senses:

These ‘tools’ help us understand what is going on in our lives. They help us to enjoy things as well as keeping us safe.


You are lying in your bed in the morning. You can feel the warm bedcovers around you and the pillow your head is on. You may be able to hear birds singing in the garden or rain and wind, or the voices of your family as they are getting up and getting ready for the day. When you open your eyes you will see lots of different things around you. What colour are your curtains? What colour are the walls and do you have pictures on them? What are the pictures of? Maybe you can see toys and books, clothes and shoes. Somebody is calling you to ‘get up’. Is it mum or dad, or one of your sisters or brothers? Whose voice is it that you hear? So you get up and feel your feet touch the firm floor. You may go to the bathroom and smell soap or toothpaste and feel water splash on your hands as you wash them. The tap will feel hard and maybe cold or warm when you touch it.  The soap you use may feel soft, silky or slippery. Then you have breakfast. What does that look like? What does it smell like? What does the food taste like on your tongue? Is it noisy in the kitchen? What are the sounds you hear? What are all the different things you touch? The table, the cutlery, a cup, plate or dish?

Even just getting up every day we use all our 5 senses. Don’t we have a clever body?

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