Messy Mark's Diary

February 2018

This time I went home with Katie and her sister Sophie and brother William.  I loved going to the park with them – the slide was my favourite.  We also went to Airhop where we bounced around on the trampolines.  It was great fun , but very tiring and I was glad to get back to my bed in Katie’s room.  I enjoy going to school – I think I am almost a pupil at Tadworth school – but I like the outings best.

January 2018

After a short stay in the hospital receiving a new nose and a visit to the hairdresser I went to my new family.  I helped the family to get the shopping at the supermarket, went to school again and had an exciting visit to the National Gallery in London.  I looked at the pictures, but couldn’t see anyone that looked like me!

December 2017

Messy Mark gingerbread houseI knew my December stay would be exciting as it included Christmas.  I got up to all sorts of interesting things with Joshua & Rowan.  I met lots of new people and went back to Tadworth Primary school again, this time to watch the Christmas nativity plays.  One of the boys was a donkey!

I went to the pantomime Cinderella with the Beavers -  “‘Oh yes I did!” -  had a trip to London on the train, travelled the Star Trail at St Mark’s church to hear the Christmas story, went carol singing and helped to make a gingerbread house (that was my first visit to a pub!)

After all the excitement of Christmas I am currently having a few days r&r (a slight mishap when making the gingerbread house in the pub!)  before embarking on my next adventure.

November 2017

I spent November in Redhill – this time I had two boys to play with.    I went to Tadworth School again, but this time to Robins class where my new friend told everyone about me.  I also went to St Matthew’s Primary school.   It was so much fun playing with Jenson & Lucas.

October 2017

I embarked on my first adventure after Messy Church in October when I went home with Phoebe and Amelia.  I went with them to Tadworth Primary school and met their teacher and all the children in Lion class.  They had to work very hard writing their own stories.  I went on walks with Phoebe & Amelia and visited their grandparents and also to a birthday celebration, but the most exciting outing was to watch a fireworks display.  

Here are some comments from the families that I have stayed with 

“Thank you for the Gospel of Mark book to keep – such a lovely idea.  We will miss you Mark.  We will miss having fun with you”

 “Thank you to all at St Mark’s for sharing Mark with us and for the gospel book.  Enjoy your stay with your next family”

“The boys hope that whoever Mark stays with next will have as much fun as they did”