The Leadership Group

We have a small team consisting of our vicar/minister, churchwardens and church stewards. We have an Ecumenical Church Council which leads the church in its decision making.


Children's and Families' Worker

Our Children's and Families' Worker is kept very busy with leading and organising the varied activities we have throughout the week. This is a vital part of our work in the community and there are many vounteers who assist and ensure the activities run.


Pastoral Assistants

We have pastoral assistants who support meeting the needs of church members and the wider community.


Worship Leaders

There are several members of the congregation who have been trained to take an active role in creating and leading worship.


Occasional Preachers

There are four members of the congregation who have been trained as occasional preachers.


Our vicar, Des Williamson 


Tel: 01737 353011


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