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What do Rainbows do?
Rainbows have fun! They take part in indoor and outdoor activities as part of their programme, which is called the Rainbow Jigsaw. Their meetings are full of games and activities that provide challenging opportunities for Rainbows to think for themselves. Each Rainbow takes an active part in making decisions about the activities the unit does.
Everything a Rainbow does helps her to develop. Being a 
Rainbow is an opportunity for your daughter to look, learn, laugh and love.

We have a Rainbow Unit for Girls 5 -6 years old and this meets on Mondays. 5.00pm to 6.00pm at St. Mark’s.
We have a very popular Rainbow group. 1st Tattenham's Rainbows is part of the Banstead District Guides and the Downs Heath Division. 
If your daughter would like to join Rainbows you must complete her details on the Girl Guiding site Join Us and you will then be contacted. 
If you need additional information contact Carol Penman on 01737 370367

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