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The generosity of people is amazing. Churches, mosques and community centres are now struggling to cope with the quantity of physical donations. Mike Long, Superintendent at Notting Hill, reported that the church has been inundated with physical donations of clothing and food – which have been warmly welcomed - but at present they do not have the capacity to receive any more donations. He is seeking space at the Methodist Churches nearby. Over 700 people gathered at Notting Hill Methodist Church for a vigil and the team at the church continue to work with courage and care to respond to the needs of people. Please continue to pray for all involved. Many calls have been received from those who wish to donate to the community of Grenfell Towers. If you would like to make a donation through Methodist District please speak to Martin Trenaman so that he can direct the money to the correct account. Donations will be sent to help the families and emergency services affected by the fire.