Liz often visits local schools. During R.E. week in a local school she was challenged with the remit of explaining how Christianity came to Britain. With the younger children she had a more relaxing time presenting one of her Godly Play style stories about Jonah.
A Class of Young Children Visit Our Church
Children from a local school came to visit the church to hear all about why the building is so special to the people who come here. Liz explained the special reasons people have for coming to church and they were then shown around the building.

The children were shown the font, candles and the Bishop's special chair.The children heard special music and looked at the clothes worn during a service by the Minister.









Liz told the children about a story told by Jesus where a mustard seed grew into a tree and all the birds came to make their nest in the tree. The children were asked to think about the story- what did it mean?