May 4th - A Blessing for the country

Rather than a thought for the day today I thought I would share this video with you - you may have seen it already; it's a selection of singers from many churches singing a blessing for the country. It is one of my favourite blessings as it has the lovely image of God's face shining upon us.

For those who who would like some Daily Hope - the Archbishop of Canterbury has launched a free phone in where you can hear a message of hope. It is is especially aimed at those those are not on the internet and may be missing online services - If you know anyone that might appreciate this please pass on the number 0800 804 8044

Also - The Archbishop and the Pope will be inviting people to pray 'Thy Kingdom Come' From 21st to 31st May -
Here in Guildford Diocese there will be a special Zoom event to mark the culmination of Thy Kingdom Come and you are invited. Put the date in your diary  Date: 31 May 2020 18:00 -
19:00  more details will appear on