May 18th - Darkness

This thought for the day comes from Sheila
Moon on seaThere’s so much we’re missing at the moment but, for many, if not most, I expect the worst aspect is not being able to be with our family and friends. Video calls are a great boon, but no substitute for literally holding people close, especially grandchildren/grandparents. Years ago, in a very difficult time, I came across a Celtic night prayer which I used every night before I slept and it summed up everything I really wanted from God during that period. Saying it every night (it is very easy to memorise) as the last thing I did was very calming and reassuring. You might want to adopt it as your prayer before sleep while you are separated from the people you love most.

A Prayer in Time of Darkness
All that I love
   into your keeping.
All that I care for
   into your care.
Be with us by day,
   be with us by night;
and as dark closes
   the eyelids with sleep
may I waken
   to the peace of a new day.