April 14th - Into God's presence

Faith works at the hospice. She changes into scrubs on the way in and her temperature is checked. On the way out, she removes scrubs, showers, then back into mufti. Scrubs go into a hot wash. She wears protective gear on top of scrubs. All day long she washes her hands. We do too, especially when we have been food shopping, have stood in queues, following a route round the shop and made a contactless payment. No getting near, no touching, but lots of hand washing, sanitising and sometimes protective gear.

I’ve been thinking of the Old Testament sacrificial system! Animals were sacrificed, blood spilt, things burnt, hands washed and only the priest could go anywhere near to God’s presence on behalf of the people.

But now….because of Jesus we can go directly into God’s presence…He takes us as we are… no need for sacrifices, washing rituals, protective clothing or hand sanitiser. My mind is amazed by it. I hope, over these weeks of contactless life, my heart thrills at it too.