May 27th - love our neighbour..

Our thought for the day comes from Liz today - It raises some interesting questions about social distancing and unconditional love - Normally we show love by being close... but now we show love by distancing - What new ways can we find to love our neighbour as the story of the Good Samaritan espouses? 

On my walk today I reflected on all those I socially isolated from by stepping aside:
Who were they?
What was going on in their lives?
Who were they speaking to on their mobile phone?
Who were they going home to, or were they home alone?
Was anyone ill in their family?
Had anyone died in their family?
Were they struggling?
How were they coping?

Jesus said to the expert, the professional: “love with everything”
I am no expert but I am a sort of professional….

But today, I passed by on the other side,